The Festival Muizenberg is a community-created celebration to showcase our achievements and collective aspirations as a community. It celebrates us working together for a life we want, in all of our diversity of people, businesses, organisations, projects and perspectives.

This festival process grew out of four previous street festivals where the community collaborated within the themes of creativity, community and eco-awareness. The community support gave us the confidence to upscale the concept. Celebration is our chosen method to facilitate participation.
We use an open-source model for the co-design of festival concepts and its organisational structure. We are listening and responding to an emergent future.


The event is made up of projects that showcase solutions to socio-economic and environmental challenges through dynamic design and collaborative implementation. We celebrate the creative wealth of Muizenberg through a series of concerts, performances, and exhibitions. We showcase the products created and sold by Muizenberg people, share the new ways we want to trade, and host talks and workshops that express the direction and purpose of our ongoing efforts to build the life we want to live here in Muizenberg.

The vision is that if we can create a successful festival that has a transformative effect on the community, we grow it annually, and inspire other communities to use festival as a transformative development tool. We have documented this process carefully

We’ve been process-focused, and tried to maximize the potential of networking skills, knowledge, and available resources to make this happen. Come join us in celebrating and co-creating this experience.

See you at the Festival J

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