Muizenberg Festival 2017: Catalysing Community
Empower us to coordinate community projects during the Festival that build cohesion, agency & economy.

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The Muizenberg Festival is our chosen method of activating and challenging ourselves to improve our lives. We make music together, dance, play, talk, showcase, interact and engage. Using celebration to connect us, we explore ways of improving our local economy and managing public resources to our advantage. The model we have developed, from ‘call to action’ to ‘resource management’, is transferable across geographic and socio-economic divides. We invite you to join us and make this a movement!

Muizenberg Festival Calendar:

We are collaborating with Get Out, Get South for an efficient way of communicating events. Muizenberg Festival is using the calender to publish the programme of this year’s festival, you can find the Muizenberg Festival’s programme on their site. As well as other South Peninsular events.

You are able to link this calendar directly with your Calendar of choice (Mac, Outlook, Google, etc.) by ‘subscribing’ to it, and have it sync automatically.

Muizenberg Festival Calendar Click here:

Synchronise your iOS mobile calendar by clicking here ! and get all events direct to your phone or copy and paste the following link into your subscribed calendar list: ​

The “Get Out, Get South” occasional event notifications can be via WhatsApp.
You need to save the following number: 0827626292 to your contact list. Then, you need to send us a message and we will add you to our broadcast list.
We will then send you periodic broadcast messages of things happening in and around Muizenberg. Note:This is a broadcast list only.

  • This is not a WhatsApp chat group.
  • You will receive notifications from Get Out, Get South and Muizenberg Festival only.
  • This phone number is not monitored and no calls will be answered.
  • Any messages sent to this number will not be answered.
  • No contact details are shared

For regular notifications/reminders about events, you will need to download the Pushed.co application to your phone; create an account; link yourself to Get Out, Get South. Then you can set your preferences.